About Flu Wiki

About Flu Wiki

A Wiki is a type of online collaboration that allows anyone (including you) to edit any page on a website. The open nature of the wiki format allows diverse, decentralized participation, and has shown itself able to develop surprisingly effective and sophisticated products, such as the Wikipedia.

The purpose of the Flu Wiki is to help local communities prepare for and perhaps cope with a possible influenza pandemic. This is a task previously ceded to local, state and national governmental public health agencies. Our goal is to be:

  • a reliable source of information, as neutral as possible, about important facts useful for a public health approach to pandemic influenza
  • a venue for anticipating the vast range of problems that may arise if a pandemic does occur
  • a venue for thinking about implementable solutions to foreseeable problems

Before the present threat of an avian flu pandemic, these tasks were formerly ceded to local, state, national and international public health agencies. But no one, in any health department or government agency, knows all the things needed to cope with an influenza pandemic. The world is filled with competent others who are likely to have credible and useful information about some aspect of each of these tasks. By pooling and sharing our knowledge, we hope to advance both preparation for and the ability to cope with events as they unfold.

Flu Wiki is not meant to be a substitute for planning, preparation and implementation by civil authorities, but instead is a parallel effort that complements, supports and extends those efforts. And while there are a small group of editors who will continue to administer and maintain the Wiki, it is the users of Flu Wiki who will shape its utility and relevance based on the contributions they make. We hope you will find the instructions sufficient to get started. You’ll soon be learning on your own.

Learn more about wikis, learn how to edit pages, practice editing in the “sandbox”, or offer your thoughts in the Forum (now on a separate site).

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We have been live on the web since June, 2005. Your hosts in this endeavour are:

Melanie Mattson (RIP)
DemFromCT::Revere::SusanC (anon_22)

See the Medical Library Association’s guidelines on evaluating medical and health websites. There are no commercial or noncommercial organizations that have contributed funding, services, or material to the Flu Wiki site, except as interested individuals.

Please visit the Editorial Policy page for our medical disclaimer and the site license. There are some people we’d like to thank on our Acknowledgements page. You can see what people are saying about us on the Media Coverage page. The Site News page is the spot for just that – news about developments and changes on the site.

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