Mega Ascorbate Therapy

Ascorbate is vital to human survival, yet because of a genetic mutation, man is left incapable of manufacturing this essential compound. Were it not for the fact that our diet brings us sufficient ascorbate for survival, man would have become extinct when he lost the ability to manufacture this vital compound.

Despite our survival, chronically low levels of ascorbate have killed or indirectly led to the deaths of more humans than any other cause to date. Although we can get by in normal health with relatively little ascorbate (often wrongly called Vitamin C - ascorbate is much more than a vitamin), when we are sick or under attack by virus, our bodies need for this vital compound soars to 50g to 100g per day. Without adequate supplies of ascorbate our bodies and our immune system is unable to function efficiently and sickness often gets the upper hand.

There are many excellent pieces of literature on this essential compound, mostly stemming from the work of Linus Pauling. One starting point for reading would be and

The key to effective use of ascorbate is to use enough and enough is often a surprisingly large amount. When you are in normal good health, your body would allow you to eat typically up to 10g of ascorbate before it needed no more and triggered loose stools to void the excess. When you are under attack by a cold or flu the bodies demand for ascorbate allows you to eat far greater quantities before reaching saturation. The downside to supplying your bodies needs for ascorbate by eating it is that the only measure of having eaten enough is the onset of loose stools, however, this is a tiny price to pay for being able to regenerate the bodies natural defenses against virus attack.

The medical ‘industry’ has generally been critical of the claims made for Mega Ascorbate Therapy. Many scientifically based trials have been run which have been reported to prove that Mega Ascorbate Therapy is of little value see :- The one constant with all of these trials is that they all failed to dose enough ascorbate to have a measurable effect, they each then claimed that it was scientifically proven that there was no effect. This is misleading and bad science.

By the same measure of foolery it is easily possible to prove that water cannot be used to put out a fire, if in all the trials the amount of water used is never sufficient to do the job of extinguishing the fire.

How effective Mega Ascorbate therapy is in helping individuals fight off the next Pandemic strain of flu, only time will tell and then only by those who have stocked up on this essential and low cost compound.

Outline Mega Ascorbate Treatment regime:

According to the work done by Cathcart ( a normal healthy adult has a requirement of between 4g and 15g of ascorbate every day. If you catch a cold or flu and deal with it before it gets hold, then 60g of ascorbate taken as six 10g doses over the course of the day would be effective and curative. If however, you allowed the cold to develop, your body would need twelve 8g doses whereas flu would require twelve 10g doses. Assuming pandemic flu equated to ‘Viral pneumonia’ the dose approaches 10g on the hour for 24 hours.

Those are the outline doses. The key to effective self dosing is to take ascorbate until you have reached the limit of bowel tolerance, that is, until you get the runs. At this point your body has enough ascorbate to cope with the infection and it is throwing the excess away in a simple and natural way. Continue self treatment every day until the infection has completely cleared and bowel tolerance levels have returned to between 4g and 15g

Cathcart makes the point that really sick people may need to have the ascorbate delivered intravenously or by intramuscular injection in order to get the necessary high doses delivered quickly enough. This will be fine if you can find a GP whom you can convince to administer this to you. Alternatively, we may all have to learn the basics of ‘bush medicine’ and brush up on the skill of putting in an IV line. If society breaks down and it comes down to watching someone die from pneumonia and dehydration (because they are too weak to eat or drink) or feed them ascorbate IV, then we will each have to make that decision when the time comes, provided of course we have previously learnt the skill and obtained an IV kit.

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