Raising Public Awareness

Perhaps we could be more specific regarding consequences and what-to-do’s? Perhaps suggest that strategies should perhaps cover things like:

  • get current information
  • save (do more with less)
  • store (keep stuff to use later)
  • prioritize and simplify (what are the essential things we do?)
  • alternatives (if we can’t serve our customers face to face, how can we do it?)
  • recovery stage (how to get on our feet after the first wave etc)

Could this be developed into a template? Anyone has experience with plans like this so we can all stand on their shoulders? What are we asking the managers and city majors to do, exactly? Awareness is good. Specifics may be better - or do we want flexibility?

Maybe some of the “resilience ideas” can find their way into the “interpandemic” situation and become the norm rather than the exception? That would be good in any case.

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