Battlefronts (in no particular order)

This “to do” list has items in no particular order, with some main categories just to make it simpler to look for things and add things.

Here at the forum is where we add to, and talk about, this “to do” list.

See also a big picture

Stuff done at the epicenter

  1. Changing agricultural practices to eradicate virus.
  2. Researching the idea of targeting virulence, in avian vaccines, again for eradication.

Less infections

  1. International promotion of CMG measures.
  2. Mobilisation of parents.
  3. Fast tracking recombinant vaccines in Europe, not just in the US.
  4. Ways to reduce infections in airplanes and airports.

Caring for the ill

  1. Doing a drill.
  2. Develop austere care.
  3. Funding research on statins and other immune modulators.


  1. Household. Blend prepping into your family so you are prepared.
  2. Community resilience (IdahoEM).
  3. Compilation of what to suggest if soon and worst


  1. Keep up to date on H5N1 news.
  2. Keep posting ideas and thoughts on H5N1 boards.
  3. Print and leave pandemic preparation material out at work.
  4. Print and leave pandemic preparation material out at your place of worship or another business.
  5. Participate in HHS and other webcasts or blogs so they know we are listening, alert and well informed.
  6. Translations.

Work on wikipages

  1. Brainstorming.ResilienceTechnology
  2. Brainstorming.SimpleMasks


Looking for ways to help? Here is a (incomplete) list of things to do:

Priorities (so we may focus our strength):

  • Write a powerful letter many people may use.
  • Gather the best evidence on non-pharmaceutical measures (masks etc) so we may use them in rich and poor countries in no time.
  • Reach out to groups with the know how about granting water, food, energy on a community level. Ask them for usable how-tos and get them on board with open content so anyone can copy the stuff freely.
  • Work on Consequences.AdjustmentReactions

Current projects:

  • translations of pages into Spanish, French, and whatever language seems feasible. See Translation discussion in the Forum for Spanish and Translation II for French. There’s the idea to adapt pmwiki software so that it’s easier to synchronise twin pages; apparently this is done at Debian - if you understand what I say, look at the forum entries in this paragraph and then you know where to go.
  • tour of Flu Wiki with wikitrails. The idea is to make it easier for people to move around the FluWiki, especially along topical lines neither the sidebar navigation nor the front page will offer links to every page. Another aim is to create cross-references that explode the structure of the site → done (mostly). please add wikitrails to pages as they develop
  • FAQ about the Flu Wiki → we now have a number of faq-ish pages, including the about page and the tours
  • hit counter, preferably with a graph of the past month’s hits, so we can get an idea to what extent the wiki is being used → click here
  • develop the site index - this will try to hit the major areas like vaccines or pandemic plans alphabetically for making things easier to find. wiki trails and cross-linking should allow one to find what’s findable. This will take time; what goes up will necessarily be incomplete and will need to be filled in. Look at the links on Main page and the Site Map, add those links to the Index that reflect these important pages. Again, the FluWiki needs you. :-) Please take the time to add index entries as you go along.

Add, do, or alter.

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