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There are numerous sources of information on avian influenza on the internet. This site is a collaborative resource that aims to provide comprehensive information and deep background on avian influenza. Its purpose is to help local communities prepare for and cope with a possible influenza pandemic a task previously ceded to local or national public health agencies. It also seeks to serve as a repository of facts and as a knowledge pool useful for anticipating the vast range of problems that may arise if a pandemic does occur. It is designed to complement, support and extend the planning, preparation and implementation efforts of civil authorities.

Other sites from the web pages of the national and international public health agencies to news services that aggregate news related to avian influenza from around the globe and the growing number of avian flu blogs all have their role to play. The Links and other resources page is your gateway to a wide range of information about bird flu from background information to outbreak maps, travel guides, scientific papers and frequently asked questions about avian influenza.

The Flu Wiki is there for you to explore and add to your knowledge about bird flu. Click here if you are just getting started. In the Imagined Scenarios section, you’ll find an evocative essay by ‘CanadaSue’, a former nurse, imagining the effects of a pandemic on a mid-sized Canadian city. If you want to know what your local or national authorities are planning to do to deal with an influenza pandemic, visit the national preparedness plans section (just go to your country’s page). There are also links to maps of outbreaks available to help you see the extent of the current spread of the H5N1 influenza virus.

Use the sidebar to the left to get back to the front page, and use the Index or Sitemap to explore the Flu Wiki even further. You may wish to explore sections on basic science, personal pandemic preparedness, or just browse. The Flu Wiki is set up for you to use as you see fit.

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