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Using the forum (conversation space) to cooperatively build the wiki (structured information space)

World Region Lookout Posts

Prepping Tips and Lists (see also Anticipated Problems)

General — for Newbies
(see also Pandemic Preparedness Guides)

General — For Intermediate and Senior Preppers

General — Summary of Personal Prepping Diaries



Power, Heat, Light

Infection Control (see also Prevention)

Personal Hygiene, Birth Control, and Related Topics (see also Personal Hygiene)

Drugs, Vaccines and Medical Treatments (see also Antivirals, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Personal Stockpiling of Tamiflu, Vaccines)

When to Begin Quarantine (see also Isolation And Quarantine)

Expectant Mothers and Parents (see also Vaccines and Pregnancy)


Security and Safety

Apartment Dwellers

Students/ Youth

Financial Planning (see also Economic Concerns)

Psychological Factors (see also Adjustment Reactions, How To Cope)

Special Dietary Groups

Pets and Farm Animals

Preparation Books

Entertainment Needs (see also How To Cope)

Area Preparations

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Societal Preps (see also Anticipated Problems)

ReadyMoms Alliance

Community Preps
Community Awareness & Preparedness (CAP) Presentation Material

Community/Regional Plans

Community projects

The Role of Public Health Officials

Health Care Workers (see also HCW Safety During A Pandemic?)




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Science of H5N1 (see also Influenza Basic science)

Evolution of H5N1

China Outbreaks

India and Bangladesh Outbreaks

Pakistan Outbreaks

VietNam Outbreaks

Indonesia Outbreaks

Egyptian Outbreaks

Russian Outbreaks

Fatality Rate

Flu Experts

SusanC (aka Anon_22)

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