Dominican Republic

  • January: H5N2 outbreak in chickens in Higuey (Jan. 3).
  • February: More H5N2 outbreaks in chickens were reported in Higuey (Feb. 2 and Feb. 5). H5N2 outbreaks in birds were also reported in Pedernales and Santiago (Feb. 29).


  • February: Thousands of chickens died of an unidentified disease in Nippes department; veterinary authorities denied that bird flu was the cause (Feb. 19).
  • June: The Ministry of Agriculture reported that the H5N2 avian flu virus was detected in birds in the north, south and east of the country (June 13).
  • August: Six outbreaks of H5N2 were identified in Nippes and North-east departments (Aug. 5).


  • February: 200 chickens died in the La Paz department; bacterial infection from contaminated water was suspected (Feb. 18).



  • September: An outbreak of low-path bird flu (strain not identified) was reported in 78 backyard birds (Sept. 25).

United States


  • June: Antibodies to the low pathogenic H7N3 strain of bird flu were found in hens at a breeder farm near West Fork (June 3).


  • June: Unusual deaths of cliff swallows were reported at two reservoirs in Southern California (June 2).


  • June: Dozens of doves in Marathon, Key West and Upper Keys areas were reported to be falling out of trees, seeming lethargic, wobbly and unable to fly straight, then dying 30 minutes to 24 hours later (June 30).


  • September: Low-pathogenic H5N8 was found in birds on a southwestern Idaho game bird farm (Sept. 5).


  • March: Low pathogenic avian influenza was detected in ducks that had been sold to an auction house in Luzerne County (Mar. 21).

Rhode Island

  • August: An H7N3 outbreak in swans on the Seekonk River was reported in Providence (Aug. 21 and DEM press release).
  • December: Low-path H5 avian influenza (subtype not reported) was found last month in a mallard duck killed by a hunter in Johnston, Providence County (Dec. 12).


  • November: A novel influenza A (H1N1) swine virus was reported; the patient reported several swine exposures including close contact with an ill pig (Nov. 21).

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