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This is an experiment. Rumors can start from anywhere. They can start from an event that is misunderstood; someone can “start” a rumor to intentionally mislead others or someone can pass on information that they “heard”, and perhaps elaborate on , but sincerely believe is true. News media and web sites can propagate rumors, again sometimes intentionally and sometimes not intentionally, but because they did not adequately research and cross-check the facts. With widespread access to internet, rumors can spread in unprecedented time. Some rumors turn out to be false, others stubbornly hold out, and still others turn out to be true. If we can document sources, and adequately cross-check our facts, we might be better able to determine whether rumors are really rumors.

  • Wild birds with H5N1 added 2/27/06
    • From GardenSpider (a CurEvent member)’s business collegue in Mali 2/2?/06
      Mali leaders believe H5N1 is in wild birds in Chad which will soon migrate up river valleys into Mali. Officials are uncertain what to do about notifying the public or not at this point. This was referred to ProMed for follow up but there has been no ProMed posting so presumably they have no additional data
  • Fact

  • Indonesian deaths and illnesses unreported by WHO added 2/21/06
    • From an NGO (World Vision) in Indonesia 2/21/06
      Scores of patients with bird flu symptoms are currently under intensive treatment in Jakarta, Bandung and other cities. There have been reports of deaths with bird flu symptoms in several smaller cities, such as in Subang, West Java. In most cases, their families buried the bodies without prior inspection of the real cause of their deaths.
  • Fact

  • Rumor: U.S. National Guard to Niger to help with poultry biosecurity? added 3/1/2006
    • A usually reliable source told Path Forward of a rumor that the U.S. National Guard was on the way to Niger to help with bird flu in some unspecified manner. No further details available. added 3/1/2006

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